About Sending Excess Baggage

With many years experience in International Removals, Shipping and Forwarding freight, Hunts International have the skills and experience to handle and forward your personal belongings to almost anywhere in the world. With the use of our first class service we specialise in exporting goods to nearly every country on the globe so there is no shipment too big or too small for us to handle. With our highly skilled staff and state of the art technology, we like to think that Hunts International make sending excess baggage easy.

It is important to us that the due care and attention is taken in order to make sure all our clients have a stress free experience. Don't be charged high excess baggage charges or excessive excess luggage rates by the airlines at the airport.

The excess baggage at Hunts International specialises in low cost excess baggage shipping and international excess luggage shipping. Hunts International can assist you in shipping your excess baggage & excess luggage to worldwide international destinations.

We can ship excess baggage and excess luggage to over 200 countries worldwide including: USA, FAR EAST, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & AFRICA.

We specialise in handling excess baggage shipping with options of delivering door to door excess baggage, door to airport excess baggage or airport to airport excess baggage.

We provide an professional & efficient UK wide excess baggage and excess luggage collection service from your home or business premises. Hunts International can ship both excess luggage & excess baggage you would normally check in at the airport and even excess baggage you could not. Excess baggage, such as personal effects, unaccompanied excess luggage and unaccompanied excess baggage can be shipped worldwide via our excess baggage shipping service.

Huts International provides professional excess baggage and excess luggage delivery services in over 200 countries.

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